About Ursa Labs

Founded in 2018, Ursa Labs is an industry-funded development group specializing in open source data science tools. It is dedicated to advancing the state of the art in high-productivity, high-performance, cross-language software for data scientists. Ursa Labs is now Voltron Data Labs, part of Voltron Data.

Our Mission

We founded Ursa Labs with the goal of helping make Apache Arrow a robust and reliable next-generation computational foundation for in-memory analytics and data science. We recognized that existing popular tools such as pandas and base R have fallen short in terms of computational performance and memory use, particularly in the context of modern CPUs, GPUs, and solid state drives.

We believe that a community-led open governance approach in the Apache Software Foundation is the best way to pursue this development work and place the needs of the open source community first. We believe that a large, active contributor base coupled with open and transparent governance will yield an open source project with a long lifespan and high real world impact.

Sponsors and Partners