Senior R Developer

Ursa Labs has played a leading role in the development of the Python and R packages for Apache Arrow. Regardless of their language of choice, data scientists can access the fast, efficient Arrow libraries, and they can even share data between Python and R to take advantage of the best of both languages.

We’re searching for someone who is passionate about developing open data tools to join our team. The primary focus for this role is the maintenance of the Arrow R package, though it is expected that leadership in the R subproject of Arrow will spill over into helping shape the priorities of the broader cross-language project.


  • Lead the development and maintenance of Arrow’s R package: design how R users should interact with Arrow’s features, address bug reports, and ensure that the package installs and works easily on a wide range of platforms and operating systems
  • Support the open-source community more broadly by helping coordinate the development roadmap for the Apache Arrow project, particularly for the Python/R/C++ components
  • Promote Arrow’s features and improvements by writing blog posts and giving talks
  • Facilitate community discussions and encourage new contributors

About you

  • You have experience maintaining R packages on CRAN
  • You are eager to learn new things and have demonstrated success at doing so. No matter your educational background or level of experience with R, with calling C/C++ code from R, with cross-platform packaging, and so on, working on Arrow will force you to solve problems you’ve never seen before–and even become an expert in them. The ideal candidate will be energized by these challenges.
  • You share our belief that the ultimate success of an open-source project depends on the health of its community. You thrive on collaboration, you value cultivating a diverse and inclusive ecosystem, and you find joy in helping others make contributions.

Ursa Labs is a fully distributed organization. This position is remote and open to all candidates globally.

To apply, email